Autumn Documentary Film Season 12th October to 7th November 2013

The Lebanese Rocket Society

Tuesday 15th October @ 6.30pm
The Lebanese Rocket Society (95 Minutes)
The Strange Tale of the Lebanese Space Race
Directors: Joana Hadjithomas; Khalil Joreige
France, Lebanon, Qatar 2012

When filmmakers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige inadvertently discovered that their native Lebanon launched the first rocket in the Middle East in the 60s, and that the nation was immensely proud of its involvement in the international race to conquer the last frontier, they were surprised and intrigued. It was the time of the space race, revolutionary ideas and Pan-Arabism and the project had no military character and was aimed at promoting science and research. Why had such a significant episode in Lebanon’s history been altogether erased from the collective memory? Interviewing scientists, professors and army authorities involved in the development of the rocket project, the directors uncover a dream of future glory that was halted and silenced by international pressure following the Arab-Israeli military conflict of 1967.

In the context of the current world divisions it would be inconceivable to allow a small team of dreamers to launch rockets into the skies of the Middle East.

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